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Riverside diatomite after milling process which uses
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Riverside diatomite after milling process which uses

            Diatomite is a siliceous rock, diatomite reserves of very, very rich, but low application of diatomite taste, most of diatomaceous earth impurities is very high, so in order to effectively meet the various fields material needs, improve resource utilization of diatomite, the need for deep processing of diatomite. Diatomite applications common is the deep-processing equipment diatomite mill, diatomite mill mainly by the interaction between its internal roller and grinding ring of material to achieve the smash diatomaceous earth, after milling processing of diatomite with a more high-value applications, applications are more widely used, mainly for the following:
       1, agriculture; diatomaceous earth due to its good mixing and adsorption capacity, can be used as a soil conditioner, effectively improve the degree of loose soil to maintain soil moisture, promote crop growth.
        2. Rubber: After diatomite mill processed diatomite fillers can be used as rubber products, rubber products can effectively improve the high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-aging properties, improve application performance rubber products.
        3, building materials; diatomaceous earth due to its good insulation properties, widely used in building materials, can be used for the production of thermal insulation materials, such as floors, walls, ceramic utensils and the like.
        4, cement; milled processed diatomite can be used in the cement industry, as an additive, can effectively improve the strength of cement, cement activity.
        In addition to these applications, milled processed diatomaceous earth can also be used in paper, paints, chemicals and other fields, the user can also purify the air, in short through Celite diatomite mill processing application surface is very wide hungry, market is very good if you are interested in buying diatomite mill could be considered dual Wei Zhengzhou Heavy Industries Co., the company produced diatomite good mill performance, reliable operation, high product quality, production and low m