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Riverside diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth, breathing diatom mud wall
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    Diatom mud is called "breathing wall", first, because the choice of diatom mud is diatomaceous earth as raw material, which does not add any chemicals, the use of nano-technology to produce natural wall decoration materials. This technology fully maintained a "breathing" properties of diatomaceous earth elements in order to achieve the eight diatom mud effect.


Diatom mud after construction of the indoor air passes through the content of harmful substances authoritative testing, formaldehyde, benzene and other decreased, and the air is rich in a large number of negative oxygen ions, diatom mud charm.
        In addition, since no chemical adhesives, can restore diatom mud into the mud on the wall before unseasoned. Diatom mud decomposition of formaldehyde, the release of a large number of negative oxygen ions, day and night of indoor air purification, as have green walls will breathe automatically, creating a forest as fresh environment. Traditional home interior decoration materials to paint, wallpaper based, in order to create a three-dimensional shadow visual experience, must rely on modeling to complete, the pursuit of artistic quality of life of the owners have a great distress. However, diatom mud appearance will completely reverse this situation can not be reconciled.

         Diatom mud from millions of years by the accumulation of diatomaceous earth from the ocean, and its unique handmade plaster decorative surface effects and good environmental performance, greatly enhance the performance of wall space by many interior designers praise and recognition. Diatom mud in terms of color scheme and apply traditional methods of diatom mud has been pioneering the transformation will enhance the manifestation of the wall to a whole new level.