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China diatomaceous earth, diatomite Riverside What use, you know?
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China diatomaceous earth, diatomite Riverside What use, you know?

    Most consumers do not know what diatomite that? Diatomaceous earth in the end what is the use? How can you have such a big effect? With these questions today, a large plateau with your company Celite diatomaceous earth revealed the secret.
The main purpose of diatomaceous earth filter aid, fillers, adsorbents, catalyst support, environmentally friendly building materials and so on.
1, the filter aid
      Important use of diatomaceous earth filter aid is made, the main application field of the beer industry, pharmaceutical industry, water filtration, Oil Industry, mailing solutions, paints and dyes, fertilizers, acids, bases, sauces, sugar, wine and other types of filtering.
      Diatomaceous earth filter aid into the production process of dry goods, baking goods and flux calcined product. Dry goods by diatomite dressing, dried at 800 degrees Celsius, the classification system was codenamed GZ; roasting grade after beneficiation, and dried at 800-1200 degrees Celsius firing, grading in the system, code-named PZ; flux calcined product is by dressing, drying, calcination at 800-1200, grading in the system, code-named ZZ. Due to the different processing conditions, three types of products and dried goods relatively smaller particle size, filtration rate is the lowest, but the high quality filtration; baked goods center; flux calcined product is relatively coarse particle size, filtration rate faster, but the poor quality of the filter. Currently dried product in very small quantities, mainly used baking goods and flux calcined product, usually used in conjunction with both.
2, fillers
      Celite second largest use is made functional filler, mainly used in paints, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, paper, abrasives, precision castings, and porous ceramics. Diatomaceous earth do paint filler can improve product stability, elasticity, dispersion, improve the strength, abrasion resistance and acid resistance. Diatomaceous earth as a functional filler can also play the role of extinction. Such as diatomaceous earth was added to the silicone rubber, the rubber can enhance the heat resistance and oil resistance, and to improve the processing performance.
      Production of cardboard packing with diatomaceous earth to do, save 20% pulp, not only reduces production costs, but also clean off the cardboard, strength have been improved.
      Celite was added to fill the high-quality automobile brake linings and industrial machinery asbestos friction sheet, it combines easily with the resin and other materials, with special rubber oil-binding, both filling the role, but also reinforcing effect, product performance and overcome the heat recession, and enhance product flexibility.
      Diatomaceous earth itself has a large number of micropores, and therefore good for making microporous ceramic membrane filler tube. Some people do use high-quality selection of diatomaceous earth filler, diatomite successfully developed a porous ceramic membrane tube.
3, the adsorbent
      Diatomite adsorption mainly physical adsorption, adsorption rate fast, strong adsorption capacity, mainly for urban sewage, wastewater, wastewater, slaughter wastewater, oily wastewater and heavy metal wastewater. Diatomaceous earth as a filter aid applications and adsorbents are similar, when used in adsorption refining of food, required to achieve health standards.
4, catalytic carrier
      Suitable diatomaceous earth has a specific surface area, high porosity and abrasion resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics, an ideal carrier catalysts for oxidation, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, hydration, reduction reaction.
      Using diatomaceous earth as an antibacterial agent, an antibacterial agent carrier, since Diatomite strong, antibacterial liquid is adsorbed onto Celite wells, slow release, thus becoming long-acting antimicrobial agent. Using diatomaceous earth as a carrier of antibacterial agents, antimicrobial ring, 40d and 2d essentially the same, instead of diatomaceous earth as a carrier of antibacterial agents, antifungal ring significantly smaller.
5, environmentally friendly building materials
      In the 21st century, there is growing emphasis on environmental protection. This environmental awareness is reflected not only in the natural environment in which, for their own lives living room as well. In order to meet people's needs, ecological diatom mud wall material emerged. Diatomaceous earth due to its special structure, making ecological diatom mud wall material excellent selection. Produced using diatomaceous earth wall material with super fibers, porous and other features, its ultra-fine pores of the activated carbon also produce more than 5,000 to 6,000 times. When the indoor humidity rises, ultrafine pore wall material diatomite on automatically absorb moisture from the air, which was stored. If the moisture in the air to reduce the indoor humidity drops, diatomaceous earth wall material can be stored in the ultrafine pores moisture released. Secondly, ecological diatom mud wall material also has the function to eliminate odors, keep the room clean. Bathroom at home and hotel use, to remove hydrogen sulfide and ammonia odor gas to kill harmful bacteria and prevent the spread of disease. Indoor use in the car, can remove harmful gases emitted car decoration products, and clear body odor, oil, smoke or odor due to motion sickness and vomiting.