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China Jilin Celite Corporation, diatom mud magic
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Speaking of diatom mud, we look first to understand its main ingredients: - diatomite, diatom is a way of life in the oceans, lakes algae. Marine algae and lakes are home, where diatom species, quantity, known as ocean prairie, they create 70% of oxygen for the survival of life on Earth, it is truly the cradle of life on Earth. Diatom mud taken millions of years ago to live in aquatic pelagic class bio - diatom deposits from natural substances, mainly composed of opal, rich in beneficial minerals, soft texture, light, electron microscopy shows its particle surface having numerous tiny pockets, more than 90% porosity, specific surface area of up to 65㎡ / g. It is this prominent molecular sieve structure, determine its unique features - has a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties in the wall large area of water, it can absorb a lot of water, indicating a very strong adsorption and slow sustained release of negative oxygen ions, can effectively decompose formaldehyde, benzene, radon and other harmful carcinogens.

Come talk diatom mud functionality: Before you read the introduction identifying the diatom mineral itself is not any pollution, natural, so it's a variety of functions, it is a latex paint and wallpaper and other traditional unmatched: used as secondary decoration diatom mud decoration is not moving, because there is no taste in the process of construction of diatom mud, it is a natural, easy to repair. And the following advantages:

First, clean up the air, eliminate odors. Diatom mud products with unique "molecular sieves" structure, with a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, can effectively remove the air of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances and odors due to pets, smoking, garbage generated , clean indoor air.

Second, fire retardant. Diatom mud is composed of an inorganic material, and therefore does not burn, even if the fire, it will not emerge any harmful fumes. When the temperature rises to 1300 ℃ Celsius, the diatom mud just appeared in a molten state, does not produce harmful gas fumes.

Third, breathing the humidity. With the different seasons and sooner or later, the ambient air temperature variations, diatom mud can absorb or release moisture, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity, so as to achieve a relatively balanced. Especially in coastal cities and more humid air south of the city, regulate indoor air humidity obvious effect, reduce moist air to bring you the trouble.

Fourth, acoustic noise reduction. Because diatom mud itself porous molecular structure, it has a strong noise reduction function, it can effectively absorb harmful high frequency sound segments, and low-frequency noise attenuation function. Its effectiveness is equivalent to more than 2 times the same thickness of the cement mortar and stone, as well as to shorten the response time of more than 50%, greatly reducing noise harm to persons, you create a restful sleep environment.

V. insulation. The main components of diatom mud low thermal conductivity of diatomaceous earth itself is the ideal insulation material, with very good insulation properties, the insulation effect is equivalent to six times the thickness of the cement mortar.
Sixth, the release of negative oxygen ions. "Molecular sieves" unique structure of diatom mud, after exposure to moisture in the air will have a "cascade effect", so as to continuously release beneficial to human body of negative oxygen ions.

Seven, free of dust. Does not contain any heavy metals, does not produce static electricity, dust is not easy attachment, wall permanent fresh diatom mud easy to produce static electricity, dust wall surface is not easy.

Eight, soft colors diatom mud selected inorganic mineral pigments palette, pastel colors. When people live in diatom mud coating the room, the walls reflect light naturally soft, not easy to produce visual fatigue, protect eyesight and your family, especially for the protection of children's eyesight effect is remarkable. Meanwhile diatom mud wall color lasting, high temperature rendering technology, do not fade, such as the new long wall, increasing the wall of life and reduce the number of wall decoration, saving the cost of the room.