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Describes the advantages of diatomite
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Describes the advantages of diatomite

1 elimination of formaldehyde

Milk diatoms unique "molecular sieves" and let the newly renovated floors, sofas, furniture and other distributed free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC and other harmful substances are tens of thousands of diatom mud hole open absorption, elimination, a good solution to the problem of indoor pollution serious problems of home. With an initial concentration of formaldehyde 2.5mg / m3 [exceeding 30 times] Case detection bedroom, 1 hour indoor formaldehyde concentration that is reduced to 0.03mg / m3 [Note: GB is 0.08mg / m3], 4 Xiaoshi formaldehyde concentration close 0. Release of formaldehyde is 3 years to 15 years, while the diatom mud life can reach 20 years. Therefore, every day constantly circulated indoor harmful substances, diatom mud can stow net to be, how much is released, how much decomposition.

2 deodorant deodorant

Diatom mud to remove a variety of odors indoor environmental pollution, for example: fish smell, pet odor and smoke body, etc., can keep indoor air fresh.


3 to improve sleep

Diatom mud per square centimeter per second 1869 release of negative oxygen ions, negative oxygen ions four floating in the air, make the room as fresh as nature. In addition, the diatom mud can release far infrared rays can effectively regulate the body's microcirculation, improve people's quality of sleep.



4 The humidity sterilization

Diatom mud humidity control function is 4 to 6 times the charcoal and charcoal. When the indoor humidity when diatom mud pore water molecules in the air can sucked in to stock up; when the air is dry, water molecules can be released from the humidity, so people called diatom mud " breathing walls "without humidifier, no power, no control, can make the indoor humidity is always maintained between the most comfortable 40 to 60 degrees. And when the air humidity is between 40 to 60 degrees, mold and mites can not survive, not only played a kill airborne germs influenza and infectious diseases, but will also ensure that the quilt, clothes damp and moldy wall phenomenon does not will happen.