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About diatom clay, diatomaceous earth, you understand?
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About diatom clay, diatomaceous earth, How much do you know?

     Research found that Diatoms are single-celled aquatic plants, diatoms absorbed during the growth of free water to form its porous silicon and solid cell wall, after the death of deposition to the bottom, after dozens of years of accumulation and geological changes the formation of diatomaceous earth. Its main ingredient is a protein diatomaceous earth, texture, light, soft, porous. Electron microscopy revealed that the particle surface has numerous tiny holes, porosity of 90% or more, it is such a prominent feature of the molecular lattice structure, determines its unique features, with a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties . Modern industry, diatomite products are commonly used filter aid and adsorbent material, widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, nuclear waste and sewage treatment.
      The main benefit is the adsorption of formaldehyde diatom mud. Zeolite unique diatom mud, let the newly renovated floors, sofas, furniture and other distributed free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC and other harmful substances are adsorbed within the pores diatom mud, and which add functionality photocatalyst material reacted completely decomposed. A good solution to the current serious problems at home indoor pollution problems. And diatom mud backdrop decoration also make home become natural, comfortable place to have a taste of life, the kind of feeling of the original ecological art, people will let go smooth course, in the middle of the room feel more comfortable and relaxed. Diatom mud artistic influence is very strong, so that decorative background diatom mud wall material became a protagonist of modern home decoration, not only to people's living environment a stylish atmosphere, but also to the environmental health of the living room brings fresh air , very popular pro-consumer gaze.

      Diatom mud through a variety of colors, can be like wallpaper and paint as a variety of style and performance, create a different texture effects. Also through some color combinations and use, and even some patterns of adoption, we can do some personality patterns. For diatom mud color combinations and patterns can be customized according to customer preferences. In addition, different shapes using different diatom mud construction tools by the master, if he intends silk, pottery and other lines sketched out different diatom mud backdrop texture effects, to bring the best home style to enjoy.

     This diatom mud environmental health elegant yet stylish new wall decoration materials, is being more and more consumers. No doubt for the home improvement building materials industry has injected new vitality, more and more consumers recognize the diatom mud customized to meet the individual wishes of green products.