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    Jilin Province Linjiang City Highland Celite Corporation is one of the diatomite production of the larger manufacturers. The company covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area of 22630 square meters. The company now has a mining area of 4.1938 square kilometers, has reserves of over 100 million tons of diatomite, diatomaceous earth ore has been mined, Block 2, the exploitation of the design capacity of 200,000 tons.
    The company has a modern production line Celite, the design production capacity of 20,000 tons. Company to quality diatomite as raw material, the use of international advanced material dynamic flow, gas fired Enclosed Air pipeline transportation, multi-stage treatment, processing of digital surveillance technology. Products formed 8 series 23 models, basically covers the domestic application of diatomite products in various fields. The main products are diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth adsorbent, diatomite functional filler, casting paint, matting agent diatomite, diatom mud materials, pesticide carrier. Our products are widely used in food, medicine, beverages, chemicals, building materials, petroleum, agriculture and other industries. In addition to these products, we are also working with a number of research institutions diatomaceous earth mineral processing purification, ultra-fine technology, high-tech research and development of eco-friendly materials.
    Quality white diatomaceous earth ore company has a large plateau can produce "low iron" diatomite product according to customer demand, to meet the special needs of customers for high product purity. The company in 2004 passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Products have been sold throughout the country. We will be stable quality, honest reputation, quality service and look forward to more domestic and foreign customers sincere cooperation, and jointly create a better future.
    Enterprise Mission: "customer first, quality first."
    Business principles: quality of life, integrity and work responsibilities, customer satisfaction as the standard, and improve management efficiency.

    Address: Jilin Province Linjiang Riverside House
    Phone: 0439-5261777
    Fax: 0439-5261888
    Contact: Mr. Liu (vice president)